Auction Finance

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Funding your auction purchase

We’ve work with several auction finance companies for a number of years – they have helped arrange auction finance for many of our clients so they can bid with confidence at our auctions.

If you’re interesting in investing in any residential or commercial properties or land lots at our auctions, then one of our companies can help arrange the short-term finance you may need to complete your purchase on time and bid on the property you really want. Get in touch with us. 0121-5653040

How auction finance can help with your auction purchase

Buying a property at auction can often be a great alternative to buying through more traditional routes, especially if you are buying for investment purposes.

However, the speed of purchase to completion is very different so it’s important you have the funds in place for the property you are interested in by the time you bid for it.

Once the hammer goes down on a property you bid for it’s legally yours and typically you only have 28 days to complete the purchase, so turning the funds around within a short time frame is really important. That’s why one of our auction finance can help you if you are buying at auction. They pride themselves on quick turnarounds, unlike many high street lenders who can take much longer.

Our experts are on hand before, during and after the auction to make common sense decisions and arrange finance as quickly as possible.

Key features of auction finance

  • Short term finance 3-12 months
  • Funding for residential investment, commercial property and land purchases
  • Funding for non-standard construction
  • Monthly interest rates from 0.65% (other fees and charges apply)

Get in touch to day to find out more Call us for further details 0121-565 3040